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Thinking competencies & quick lesson design with FNO

Like you, I read educational articles online to stimulate my mind and my practice. One that I catch each month is From Now On: the educational technology journal by Jamie McKenzie. The most recent volume 19, #3 for January 2010 has 2 articles:

In The 21st Century Skills Bookmark: A Dozen I-words Trump the 4 Rs   Jamie McKenzie writes:

"With all the talk now of 21st Century Skills, we need a model that is equally user friendly – just the right number of prime thinking competencies to fit on a handy bookmark or poster to remind all teachers and students about core values. My bookmark offers thirteen competencies, all beginning with the letter "I" – a Baker’s Dozen."

In the other article  Building Challenging Digital Lessons Quickly Jamie McKenzie explains his process for lesson design for teachers to "prepare powerful lessons using the resources on the Internet."