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JFK Presidential Library

Took time Thursday to tour the JFK Presidential Library. My school IS the John F Kennedy Middle School, afterall. I wish each of you and our students could visit this as it was an amazing experience.

The tour is self-guided and you walk through a series of rooms that have been created to put you in the moment. For example, there is a room like a tv briefing room. There is a replica of the Oval office, there is a hallway replica of the White House. As I toured each room and viewed the video clips, captions, and artifacts, I was so impressed and so proud to be associated with JFK school.

At the end of the tour, I visited the store and discovered wonderful resources that would aid us in instructing our students and instilling pride of being part of a school named after JFK. I plan to return to school and order more materials to make JFK accessible to students. For example, there were DVD’s and CD’s of speeches and events. Hearing JFK speak was such an essential part of the exhibit. I wish I could work more with libraries to create fascinating experiences for my students. I was able to speak to Nancy McCoy about educational programming. She will connect me with both the elementary and the middle school coordinators so I can design learning experiences.

During a Library Champion reception, I spoke with Kevin of the IMLS group. He hinted that there are people at work in IMLS on helping school libraries and museums work together. Guess I’ll go find out more for all of you.

It was very quick, easy and cheap to get to from the convention center. Walk over the bridge and take steps down to the T World Train Center station. Pay $2 and get on T to the South Station. Transfer to red line outbound to the JFK/UMass stop. Get on the free shuttle there to the museum. Pay the $12 admission fee for adults. Enjoy and learn. There are signs all along the way to reassure you that you are headed in the right location.