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Reminder: Send in your fav teen titles

January 2nd I announced The Search for the Top 100 Teen Titles. The February 14th deadline is swiftly approaching so I wanted to remind you of the rules and to prompt you to enter your titles. Don’t let your voice be unheard.

Here are the rules:

Vote for your top ten teen titles of all time (again, not just this years’). These are the titles that appeal to teens including young adult novels, nonfiction, and picture books for teens (ages 13-19).

What? Nonfiction? Yes! If you know teens, then you’ll realize a true top 100 must have nonfiction. Picture books? Yes, there are picture books that appeal mainly to teens. I’m not talking about Brown Bear, Brown Bear either so don’t be silly. You can only enter ten titles so I trust in the collective to allow the top 100 titles to rise to the top.

List your books in order of preference. #1 will receive ten points, #3 nine, etc.  

Tell me what you like about each title.
 This way you can share what you truly feel about each title and not worry about being "politically correct" in your top ten list. I will include anonymous excerpts in my countdown so you have the opportunity to agree or argue. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?!
Email your submissions to me at by BookLover’s Day (AKA Valentine’s Day February 14, 2010)  OR you can fill out the google form Top 100 Teen Titles by Valentine’s Day.