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Capstone’s new site

Capstone Publishing has a new website  They’ve sent some press releases but since you are probably as busy as I am, let me share some interesting links. Rather than just focusing on their titles, Capstone seems to be looking at two markets: Librarians and Teachers. 

Varied services are offered depending upon your role, but I like the Educator Resources including bookmarks, reader’s theatre scripts, videos, an online Google calendar of events that you can copy to your own school library calendar, Reading Olympics tools, lesson plans, standards correlations, and more.

The bookmarks suggest both Keyword search terms and Dewey Decimal Numbers like these search terms for Really Scary Stuff: ghost, alien, monster, unidentified flying object, haunted house. Readers are encouraged to Check the Shelves: 001, 130s.

Readers know I am a strong advocate for downloadable and printable bookmarks. I love having nonfiction tie-in’s and bookmarks that inspire further searching, thinking, and reading. These bookmarks are not simple lists of series titles published by Capstone Publishing. They are beginning pathfinders for elementary readers. There are small cover photos of 2-3 titles that fall into each category, but these are not just promotional booklists. 


  1. Amy at Capstone says:

    Diane, thanks for the kind words about the new site and the library skills bookmarks. We hope they are the first step in some fun ways to help support library skills instruction. If your readers have ideas of things they would like to see, we’d love to hear about them. Feel free to email me at a.cox at Thanks again!