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Peer Coaching, Mentoring, and Supporting Positive Change

During our recent email discussion, the Library Geek Squad members discussed Peer Coaching. 

Colet Bartow, Library Media Curriculum Specialist for the Montana Office of Public Instruction  shared a document on Peer Coaching from the Pugent Sound Center with links to the Partners in Learning Network.   

Lisa E. Perez Area Library Coordinator of Chicago Public Schools Dept of Libraries shared this message: If you would like more information about peer coaching, be sure to attend the ISTE SIGMS webinar on the subject on Feb 17th. See  for more information. It is free to everyone and you don’t have to be a member of ISTE to attend. Our SIGMS Vice-Chair, Shelee King George, will be leading out in this along with two fantastic library administrators from Broward County, FL – Lynne Oakvik and Michelle Rivera.