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Book Lovers or Library Lovers Day

Book lovers bonanza at Bondi by on_line_writer.I have been calling February 14th Book Lovers Day this year. Rather than wait for anyone to send me flowers or chocolate, I’ll be surrounded by my friends THE BOOKS at the library and at the local bookstore in my community. 

It turns out that the Australian Library And Information Association  has been celebrating LIBRARY LOVERS DAY on February 14th. They have a website with ideas to help you plan activities to celebrate Australian libraries Here is the main text from their site:

For centuries February 14 has been known as Valentine’s Day, a time beloved of romantics. Now a new era has begun with Library Lovers everywhere claiming the day for the objects of their special affection – Australia’s libraries.

People are devoted to their library and not just on one day of the year. Millions of library lovers across Australia must be right!

This promotional campaign is a combined advocacy event organised by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and Public Libraries Australia (PLA). So now it’s time for libraries across Australia to get on board.

I realize we have just one week before Valentine’s/Book Lovers/Library Lovers day but school librarians are creative sorts who can throw together wonderful impromptu celebrations. Let’s give everyone an outlet for celebrating books and libraries not just in Australia but all over the world. 

I plan to deliver personalized valentines to the local branch libraries I visit the most (Mt Juliet’s Public Library, the Nashville Public Library Hermitage branch, and the Nashville Public Library Southeast branch). 

I’m a huge fan of many local bookstores and the local branches of some of the chains so let me give a shout out of love to some I frequently visit:

Since the libraries near my house have very limited hours on Sunday, I plan to visit my local Books A Million store in Mt Juliet. You are welcome to join me. I’ll be the redhead drinking mocha and reading fun fiction. Why hang out at the coffee shop of a chain bookstore, you ask? This Books A Million is special to the Mt Juliet area. We don’t have many bookstores in the community and this one is located in the heart of the new Providence shopping center. It has become a hangout for teens (big clue!) and is usually packed with families with children, devoted readers, magazine aficionado’s, and solitary soles who like to sit at the end of an aisle and savor a few titles. 

The management has worked hard to bring in every title I could desire and will save a pile of books for me to bring back a purchase order. My American Library Association membership gave me a special discount card to work with BAM and I save on everything at a higher rate without paying a yearly fee. They stock the journals I love and create new displays to entice every last dollar from my pocket. The staff is welcoming and everyone has space in the store to congregate in their own groups. Many a hot summer night dozens of teens would make their purchases then sit in the outdoor café area drinking mochas, lattes and frappacinos. They could walk to the store and they were accepted. They also didn’t mind my asking them silly questions about what types of reading materials they like.

My Library Club has scheduled a Family Fun Night bookfair at the Books A Million branch on Friday March 5th and plan to celebrate our love of reading and books by being there from 4:30-8:30 that night. All of you are welcome to come by and join us. We previously scheduled this for Jan. 29th but had a huge snow & ice storm so we are rescheduling so every family can stock up on books a week before our Spring Break.  

If you aren’t doing anything on February 14th Book Lovers Day, why don’t you come join me or visit your favorite library? February 14th is also the deadline for the Search for the Top 100 Teen Titles so don’t forget to send me your list of your top ten via email or the google form Top 100 Teen Titles

The photo at the top came from doing a quick search on Flickr’s Creative Commons. / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0