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Ever get frustrated with ALA and want to vent? Want to make some changes? Want to know that someone is listening? Talk to the Young Librarians Working Group on their blog or on ALA Connect.

"The Young Librarians Working Group is a project on behalf of librarians under the age of 35: the Millennial librarians, the first-career librarians, the new-to-the-field, full-of-enthusiasm librarians who often join ALA only to get frustrated and disenchanted with the size and seeming rigidity of the association."

I noticed they had posted an entry about their Text-athon and encouraged everyone to share it widely.  They ask you to text any suggestions you have for making ALA a better fit for you to (520) 344-3886  starting Friday, March 5 at 3:30 pm (PST). The text-a-thon officially ends on Friday, March 12, but they’ll be recording your responses until mid-May.

They encourage you to text as many ideas you have, as often as you get them. I urge you to participate because they will gather your responses and take them to the ALA Executive Board where they WILL be heard.