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Collaborating with Math Teachers

Life-long learning for me! How about you? I don’t take time to create many video podcasts, but it is my resolution this year to do more. To complete a workshop through MTSU, I needed to create a podcast on math. I decided to focus on math teacher – school librarian collaboration. This is the first podcast in a series I intend to use and it is not perfect. I know I transposed a slide and an image, used one image twice, and typed projections instead of projects. Meh! I got over it. The important part is that I have a new tool to share with my teachers.

I was having problems with audio so you have to watch several minutes in to locate the video portion with sound. An interesting part of this project is that I was able to capture some math teachers with absolutely no prep and just a simple explanation that  I was doing a video on the problems of collaboration and that I wanted each of them to talk about a different problem they faced. I think you can see your staff in the video clips. 

So now it’s off to prepare the next podcast and here I need your help. I want to collect your suggestions for math integration and school libraries. Do you have podcasts and videos you’ve created? Do you have book lists? Do you have sample projects? What professional titles do you find most valuable? I plan to record myself (meh!) doing simple booktalks on some of the math titles that teachers can view in the privacy of their homes when they have time. This way they can make the decision whether it will be useful. 

In particular I want suggestions for how I can help the teacher use almanacs in the math program. Ideas?

I am totally open for suggestions. Thanks to the JFK teachers who role-played and shared from their heart. You are wonderful colleagues and open to new ideas.