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Lisa von Drasek offers Children’s Book Publishing 101

Lisa Von Drasek, Children’s Librarian, Bank Street College of Education School for Children Pre-K- 8 has given me permission to repost this here:   

On-Line class, June 14-28th

Ever wonder how a children’s book gets published?  As the Bank Street College of Education’s children’s librarian, I am often asked about this topic. At least once a week, a parent, teacher, or graduate stops by my office, e-mails or leaves a voicemail asking how they can get their children’s book published.   That was how this course developed.  What does an editor do? Do I need an agent? Is there a market for my idea? How do I submit my manuscript? What is a book proposal? What is the deal with self-publishing? We will follow the process of children’s book publishing from manuscript to bound book in the bookstore.