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Book Burning

Book Burning comic from

I’m always looking for silly library/ computer/ information science/ and web 2.0 comics to share with my students. During the Tennessee Library Association conference in Memphis, I heard Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes of speak. I even won a copy of one of their books.

Cover from Library Mascot Cage Match

Unshelved by Gene Ambaugh & Bill Barnes

There are other sources of library-ish humor out there. Have you ever checked out the humor at You need to read the disclaimers as you enjoy their sarcastic wit and free speech. Translation: there’s stuff here not for students, but for adults. Some of the computer comics and library comics tickle my fancy. I hope you enjoy them, too. The Book Burning cartoon came to me through Keith Fiels.

Book Burning


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  1. I’ve long loved XKCD. I have two Master’s degrees: One in Math and one in Library Science. XKCD actually has more Math humor than Library humor, but it definitely has some of both. If I remember right, the mathematician author of the webcomic has a librarian girlfriend. A lovely combination!

  2. One note, Diane: At the XKCD site, half the fun is putting your cursor over the comic and reading the alttext. For “Book Burning,” it reads: “Of course, since their cautionary tale was printed in a newspaper, no one read it.”