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“Woof-stock” 2010 at the Plymouth County Historical Museum

Andrew catches Medicine Ball

This thing was heavy!

I returned to Washta, Iowa, to visit my parents too late to participate in nearby LeMars’ Woof-stock, but I am definitely planning to attend this event next year.  Judy Bowman of the Plymouth County Historical Museum in LeMars, Iowa, shared details on this event with my niece Miranda and nephew Andrew. In addition to helping the

museum and animals, the event began to entice more youth into the museum.

“Woof-stock” is an event that occurs around the country. It is a day to honor homeless and disabled dogs, and those brave dogs fighting cancer and heart disease. There are several rescue organizations in the Sioux City, Iowa area (like Noah’s Hope) who save dogs and cats from kill shelters where they only have 7 days to live. This event is planned to occur next year during the first weekend in June. This year’s events included:

  • Opening ceremonies with the “Woof-stock” Arch Recognition of Honorary Chair Dogs and pet owners then the Poochi Parade.

    Pet books were part of the store Poochi's Parlor

  • Woof-stock Street Fair” with vendors, games, silent auction, flea market, and more
  • Hot Dog Dinner and Pizza by the Slice with remarks by Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue
  • Spotlight on Siouxland Paw Prints Cat Rescue Program
  • Awards ceremony for Plymouth County third grade “Woof-stock” poster winners
  • Agility Training with Stephanie Oswals
  • Marcia Becker with Canine Rescue
  • Blessing of the animals, bandanas, pet adoptions and much more.

While we were visiting family in Iowa, we stopped by two local county museums – The Sanford Museum in

Horizontal Harp

This Horizontal Harp takes 3 players. Can you imagine?

Cherokee, Iowa, and the Plymouth County Historical Museum in LeMars, Iowa.  My father has lived in Cherokee County his entire life, but had never visited the Sanford Museum. Miranda and Andrew live in LeMars and have frequently visited their museum. They were eager to show us all five floors.

History surrounds us. How can we interest youth in the past? I believe in exposure, story, events, and connections. When I saw the musical instrument part of the

A harp for me to dream about touching

museum, I was hooked. I’ve played the organs where you pump the keys and the harpsichord. I’ve never played a harp though. I loved watching Harpo Marx play the harp in every Marx Brothers’ movie. 

So many books have weaving and looms