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Paying it forward – do you?

Recently the ALA executive board members have been receiving thank you notes from Spectrum Scholar recipients. These notes mean a great deal to me because I was a recipient of the David H. Clift scholarship in 1988 from ALA. It enabled me to go to graduate school 2 weeks after earning my B.A. I can remember dancing around with glee and sharing the news with my college professors. 

At that time, the scholarship paid my tuition. (Imagine that!) I could focus on paying for textbooks, food, and housing with my part-time assistanceship. At that time I had no job and no income, so the Clift scholarship was the only way I had to attend LIS school. I am curious as to how many other scholarship recipients “pay it forward” by becoming involved in the organization.

Were you a recipient of an ALA scholarship and do you feel like you have continued to “Pay It Forward”? How about other programs that give scholarships? How did you show your thanks to those organizations?

This fall I would like to host a Spectrum Dinner in the Nashville area. We’ll choose a location, each pay for our own dinner, and collect donations to the Spectrum Scholar Fund to enable more students of diversity to receive scholarships. Are you interested in joining us? Let me know by emailing me at