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Preparing for the new year

Do you have a list of activities you do before you even walk in the door of the school for the new year? I’d love it if you would email me those Must-Do’s. Here are a couple of mine:

  • Organize a Special Calendar of Events for the entire year
  • Register for YALSA’s Teen Read Week*
  • Register for the new & improved Wrestlemania
  • Plan for Internation School Library Day
  • Plan for inspiring everyone to enter the Why I Need My Library Video contest
  • Plan for El Dia de los Ninos/El Dia de los Libros
  • Plan for the book fair
  • Organize a framework for the Library Club meetings
  • Prepare a space for student blog, wiki, and podcast work to be shared
  • Update the library page on the school website so it looks inviting & exciting
  • Spiff up the entrance to the library for a “Wow” experience as people walk in
  • Prepare collaborative documents/ electronic documents/ and incentives for teachers
  • Stock up on coffee and chocolate

*Visit the Teen Read Week website at for program ideas, planning resources (including professional materials), publicity tools, etc. Register is  free! and you’ll receive access to the Teen Read Week
theme logo, Books with Beat @ your library, and be entered into drawings to win books from VIZ Media, Carolrhoda Labs, and Cinco Puntos Press.