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Miranda Reads Biodiversity of Coasts by Greg Pyers

Miranda Ritts writes: The name of the book is Biodiversity of Coasts by Grey Pyers. This book is very Biodiversity of Coastseducational. I think it is great that it talks about things that are going on in the world such as oil spills. This is a great book for research. It would be good for topics such as oil spills, biodiversity, and coasts. I enjoyed the pictures in this book because they gave a great example of what the book was talking about.

Diane writes: An excellent resource to have on hand, not only for biodiversity and biomes, but also to address issues of pollution, oil spills, etc. You need Biodiversity of Coasts immediately, but go ahead and get the entire series. Each title has unique information at a depth I haven’t seen focusing on biodiversity and relationships.

Have you ever held a book in your hand and tried to go online to find more information, but there was nothing on the web? You begin to wonder if you are losing your mind or not. I have been searching the Marshall Cavendish website, including their MC Benchmark imprint, but cannot find this new series BIODIVERSITY listed. The publisher did send me this set to review along with a slip of paper saying the publication date is August 15, 2010. Each title is under $20 and they contain information not found in other biome themed books. I hope Marshall Cavendish Benchmark folks fix this fast!

I’ll go ahead and give you ISBN information so you can order your books now:

  • Biodiversity of Coasts 978-1-60870-069-1
  • Biodiversity of Coral Reefs 978-1-60870-070-7
  • Biodiversity of Deserts 978-1-60870-071-4
  • Biodiversity of Polar Regions 978-1-60870-072-1
  • Biodiversity of Rain Forests 978-1-60870-073-8
  • Biodiversity of  Woodlands 978-1-60870-074-5

After further checking, I saw that the series was first published in Australia in 2010 and FINALLY found information on the site with information that this is the International Year of Biodiversity as declared by the United Nations.

The publishers description states: Biodiversity describes the variety of living things in a particular place or ecosystem. It is essential to the survival of plants and animals but human activities have upset biodiversity and it is not under threat. The series examines the biodiversity of habitat types and ecosystems. It looks at threats and efforts to conserve biodiversity, and identifies biodiversity hotspots.

Take a look at the table of contents to see some of the diversity being studied:


  • What is biodiversity?
  • Why is biodiversity important?
  • Coasts of the world
  • Coastal biodiversity
  • Coastal ecosystems
  • Threats to coasts
  • Biodiversity threat: Urbanisation (spelled Urbanization in my U.S. copy)
  • Biodiversity threat: Invasive species
  • Biodiversity threat: Pollution
  • Biodiversity threat: Climate change
  • Coastal conservation
  • Case study: The Mediterranean Coast
  • What is the future for coasts?
  • Glossary
  • Index

I wish I had my scanner connected so I could show you a double-page spread and you could see just how much information is presented in these 32 pages. The information is spot-on for middle schoolers with small text chunks perfect for the reader who becomes easily terrified of too much text. Wait! I found it. The Australian publisher has put a pdf presentation online where you can view some of the double-page spreads for yourself.  I have to wonder again when the US web page is going to catch up.