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Miranda Reads Watch Out World – Rosy Cole Is Going Green!

Watch Out, World--Rosy Cole is Going GreenMiranda Ritts shares her review of Watch Out World – Rosy Cole Is Going Green!  The book is written by Sheila Greenwald. This book has a great storyline. It really shows how anyone big or small can do their part to go green. I really enjoyed how the book gives great ideas on how to do things for the world such as recycling and using worms for composting things. These are only two of the ideas in this book that anyone could do. The cover on this book is great. It was a good way to get my attention with the bright colors and large print.

Diane’s notes: View this creative video   Make Like a Tree and Leave we made for a workshop on Videos and Podcasting. We decided to pretend we were students and based a tree-planting activity upon the Watch Out World – Rosy Cole is Going Green book.

If you could see the white letters around the cover, you’d read “Rosy Cole’s bright, though not exactly popular, ideas about garbage, worms, dirt, and other gifts of nature. ”

When I read the inside cover of this book, I thought it would focus on planting trees and taking steps to be more earth-friendly like using the energy-saving lightbulbs. Instead, Rosy Cole’s new adventure has her learning about nature while respecting insects.  I particularly enjoyed her research into Blattella Germanica and red wiggler worms.

My favorite Rosy Cole quote from the book:  

“Because the museum is where I found out going green is about respecting and protecting the earth and all its creatures. Even the ones that aren’t as pretty as butterflies or as cute as ladybugs can teach us important lessons.”

Can you believe that we have been reading the adventures of Rosy Cole for 26 years?  I remember my first Rosy Cole book – Write On, Rosy! (A Young Author in Crisis).  This newest edition to Sheila Greenwald’s early chapter books will be a popular choice for science units and Earth Day studies.