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Oops! I didn’t mean to do that on facebook

I mentioned that I was teaching my students tips on internet protocol, safety, and integration. Did I mention that I had a perfect example of what you needed to beware doing on facebook?

Don’t accidentally post or agree to anything on facebook unless you want ALL of your 900+ friends to find out immediately. One July evening around 9:30, I simply clicked confirm on a facebook request. Within 4 seconds my facebook page lit up with likes and comments and my cell phone started to ring. What had I confirmed?

Ummm, well, that I was engaged to Ken Kelly. It’s not that he was keeping it a secret, but we hadn’t told anyone – INCLUDING MY PARENTS. So that night who was the first phone call to come in from? My parents. I stared at the phone in fear and refused to answer it. Ken laughed all evening while I cowered from my phone.

In a way, this was a good thing to happen because we could tell everyone that they were the first to know since we announced it on facebook simultaneously to over 1000 people. But, I have learned to be much more careful what I click like or confirm to on facebook. <grin>

It’s going to be a long engagement so relax folks. We’ll tell you more details on facebook – stay tuned. LOL. OMG! TMI IDK what was I thinking?