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GLBT teens need positive adult role models

Thanks to my ALA colleague Larry Romans, I was able to share materials with my teachers today on helping GLBT teens. It seems convoluted how we find materials to share with others. Look at the path. Larry Romans, Vanderbilt University reference and government document librarian, forwarded on part of an email from Jason D. Phillips, Government Information Reference Librarian & Bibliographer at Georgetown University Library.  Jason was highlighting the second article in Dan Savage’s column – “Savage Love.”  (Be sure you are reading the second article, not the first.) As Jason writes:

“The second entry offers several ways that we as adults can help GLBT teenagers.  I would encourage you to check-out these resources and consider contributing some time to it.  We can make a small or huge difference in the lives of these kids just by giving them hope that tomorrow can be better.  Also, for many of you who I know interact with these teenagers, these are resources you can share with them that they may be able to draw some encouragement and solace from.

For those of you who would prefer to skip the column, here are the links mentioned:

It Gets Better Project ( where GLBT adults can upload videos talking about their experiences and the the full and rewarding lives we enjoy now.

Driftwood ( documents “true stories by gay people all over.”  

A large archive of YouTube videos from LGBT teenagers talking about their own coming-out experiences at www.tinyurl .com/2fuwffh

The Trevor Project ( a suicide-prevention project for gay teenagers that also has a 24-hour hotline at 866-488-7386.”

 All of these resources are needed to add to the Jason Foundation resources my district encourages teachers to study each year.


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