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Practically Paradise
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A Manifesto for Resource Sharing, part two

Continuing yesterday’s conversation on Rethinking Resource Sharing and the Manifesto with discussion led by keynoter Anne Beaubien of the University of Michigan. There are ways to get involved including: the Rethinking Resource Sharing listserv the committees and working groups.  Starting your own grassroots effort! Introduce the Manifesto to other staff at your library or […]

Susan Writes about Getting Black Boys to Read

Susan Norwood guest blogs today about a subject near and dear to our heart. She doesn’t tell you but she is focusing her graduate work on this topic and has done some amazing action research, too. Until this year, Metropolitan Nashville Schools required Language Arts teachers to teach Essential Literature. We are not required to […]

Susan writes about Diane’s Library

Susan Norwood guest blogs today (and I am almost too embarrassed to post this): For those of you who read Practically Paradise, or who know Diane, you will like this blog. You may know Diane, but have you every visited her library? This is what it’s like. The first thing you would notice is the […]

A Manifesto for Resource Sharing

Anne Beaubien of the University of Michigan was the keynote speaker at the TENN-SHARE conference. The theme was “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper.” Anne shared with us A Manifesto for Resource Sharing that I am still deeply exploring. Anne mentioned that Rethinking Resource Sharing began as an ad hoc group that advocated for a complete RETHINK of […]

Tenn-Share Overview

Tennessee librarians joined together in 1992 to establish Tenn-Share. From the website comes their Mission: Tenn-Share believes that all residents of the state of Tennessee should have access to quality information through adequate resources from their libraries. Tenn-Share seeks to make available to all libraries in the state the resources necessary to meet the […]

Susan’s Really Rather Read Rally

Susan Norwood guest blogs about the Pep Rally Thursday. I was out of the building and couldn’t provide a refuge for those of us who hate screaming gyms fulled of chaos. Today was Pep Rally day at our school. We were going to celebrate the last home football game. Do you remember Pep Rallies? Did […]

Susan Says: Wanted: Audio Books

Susan Norwood Guest Blogs today: If I had the money, the first thing I would buy for my library is audio books. Even though I have really interesting books, there are days when kids don’t want to read anything. Sometimes kids just get tired. By the time my 6th period class arrives at 3:00, many […]

How SSR Has Saved Susan’s Sanity

Susan Norwood Guest Blogs today: We teachers have all heard that horrible cliché “A teacher on his/her feet is worth 4 on his/her seat,” meaning that you should never be seated, but constantly at the ready. You should be prowling about the room, er… I mean monitoring and facilitating. This isn’t realistic, and it encourages […]

Susan Says She is a Librarian Wanna-Be

Guest Blogger Susan Norwood writes today about being a “Librarian Wanna-Be.” I am so fortunate to work with Susan. It’s 4:20; the bell has rung and the kids are on the bus. I trudge back to my classroom. What a mess! Books are everywhere! What is the problem with me? Why is my room a […]

Tell a Publisher

Psst! School librarians! Don’t look around but they are watching you. They are monitoring your listserv’s, your tweets, your facebook statuses, your webinars, and your conferences. They are listening, taking notes, and then acting. Who are they? Publishers! Publishers read our blogs. They want to know what we really think about titles. They want to […]