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Diary of A Wimpy Kid

I don’t think I should go to work on time Tuesday! The bookstore doesn’t open until 9 a.m. My school demands my presence in the hallway at 8:40. AND… Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Ugly Truth comes out in 3 hours, 53 minutes, 2 seconds. Somewhere that is.

Not in my local bookstore. No fun parties for us on a school night. In fact, one of their employees suggested that so many kids have been asking about The Ugly Truth and pre-ordering it, that they are afraid they’ll run out. She suggested I go to <gasp> Wal-mart or the grocery store at 4 a.m. and snatch their copies.

How many copies will you have ready tomorrow? I have a waiting list of 27 students and many many more clamoring for it. I wonder how many will mob me. Could I have an advance on my paycheck please so I have enough copies?


  1. susan norwood says:

    Diane and I went out and bought 4 copies of the newest Wimpy Kid using our own money. I bought 3 for my classroom library because I didn’t have to go through the hassle of payment. I just spent my own money.

    The kids were all over it on Wednesday morning. I had 2 guys (African American and Lebanese) tackling each other for the privilege of reading it. I told the kids,”Do not take the book out of the room because about 15 people are reading it at the same time!”

    So… 6th period- a girl (of Egyptian descent) begs to take it home for the night and will have it back by 1st period. Of course, I say, “Okay.” One copy is MIA, and I have one copy remaining in class. I really need at least 10 copies. Also, the other titles (red, blue, green,yellow, and white movie version) are going fast. This is great!

    I only mention race and gender to show how the book appeals to all kids! I love it! Mr. Kinney, keep writing! My guys were laughing out loud as they read it. At the start of class, they asked, “Can we just read? Please! At least 10 minutes.”

    Diane– how many kids are on the waiting list for your single copy?