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How do you apologize for your library being so popular?

What if the students start skipping their classes to come to the library all the time? They’ll work while they’re in the library. Sometimes they’ll have large group projects going like the banners for Veteran’s Day or the individual research projects they sit down and avidly pursue for an hour. Sometimes they’ll bring forged notes and then volunteer for you pulling 95 titles on Science Fair projects or other topics needed for the next period class.

When a student hands me a permission slip or a group of three tells me their sub sent them, I usually believe them. When the exceptional education student shows up with his books, a timer, and a list of topics to research, I help him locate and utilize resources. Why would I even doubt them? These seem to be legitimate projects and activities.

Kids are definitely getting very adept at skipping classes. I probably should be embarrassed that the library is so popular they skip. Instead, I’m just going to continue to put everyone to work whenever they show up. I’ll let the campus supervisors, SRO officers, and assistant principals track down the missing students while I try to keep teaching students skills for life-long learning and the pursuit of information for their own personal interests.


  1. While I admire the use of the library at all times, I do not think we are teaching kids responsibility when we let them stay in the library when we know they are skipping class. This doesn’t work in the real world…’cause if it did I’d be practicing it. Love my library.

  2. Lisa Von Drasek Diane Chen says:

    Terry, you are right as far as teaching ethical behavior. My problem is with playing police officer. I trust the students to do the right thing and bring legitimate passes. At least it should be easier to find the missing students from class. We could be the first stop in searching.

  3. susan norwood says:

    At least kids are in the library! There are a lot worse places to skip! I don’t believe they are just skipping, but that the library or librarian fulfills some need that they have. I have more to say about this later. It takes a village. These kids are in a safe place, under adult supervision.