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Scholastic ID’s top ten trends

Scholastic released their list of  Ten Trends in Children’s Literature in 2010.  This list was compiled with suggestions from Scholastic Publishing, Scholastic Book Clubs, and Scholastic Book Fairs. I notice that they don’t discuss nonfiction trends,  but I’ll focus on just one of their trends. Go to their press release to read more.

“#4 Multimedia series: The 39 Clues, Skeleton Creek and The Search for WondLa are hooking readers with stories that go beyond the printed page and meet kids where they are online or via video.”

I’ll chime in here to recommend The Amanda Project, also. We know that learning occurs through linking those synapses in our brains. Student interest in learning occurs when we link what they read with what they are interested in and the ways they want to learn.

Publisher blogs, author facebook pages, interactive review pages, links to reality and nonfiction websites to further their interests, links to videos that help extend the story, and video trailers are just some of the multimedia trends that support this area of interest.

Will this trend continue? As more ebooks become available, prices drop, and accessibility improves, will this trend of multimedia connections continue? I hope.