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Blakely Blogs about DragonBreath

Ursula Vernon’s series DragonBreath comes with this description on her webpage:  A combination of text and graphic novel, the Dragonbreath books tell of the adventures of Danny Dragon, a young dragon attending a school for reptiles and amphibians. Join Danny and his best friend Wendell the Iguana as they travel under the sea outwitting bullies, fending off giant squid, meet giant heron, run from ninjas,and fight were-hotdogs, all the while trying to avoid getting an F in Science!

Blakely writes today about the arc of DragonBreath on my shelves. DragonBreath was about a dragon who was having trouble breathing fire. No matter how hard he tried, the most he could muster was some smoke. Danny, the dragon, was lectured every day by his father about applying himself more to breathing fire. “Think hot thoughts!” his dad said.

It was even worse because Danny went to a school full of reptiles and amphibians who didn’t believe he was a real dragon since he couldn’t breath fire. The only one who believed him was his best friend Wendell, an iguana, who was constantly getting into trouble from Danny’s little schemes.

Danny was constantly bullied by a Komodo dragon named Big Eddy and his two lackey’s Jason the salamander and Ham, the chameleon. Big Eddy stole Danny’s lunch everyday but today Danny’s lunch was a very vicious looking potato salad. He let him have it and moments later they heard Big Eddy scream that the potato salad had bitten him and escaped into the sewers.

Earlier that morning, Danny had procrastinated and waited until he had gotten on the bus to do his homework. Against his friend Wendell’s wishes, he wrote a paper about something that he just made up off the top of his head and he got an F for it. Now he had to redo it the next morning. He knew nothing about the ocean so his mother suggested he go to see his cousin Edward who was a sea serpent. He dragged Wendell along. They went through a huge adventure and nearly got eaten twice. Once by a shark and once by a giant squid. Both times Danny’s cousin Edward saved them.

When the squid had gotten Danny and Wendell, Danny was so scared, he breathed fire under water. The water extinguished the flame, but the steam hurt Danny and the squid. When they returned home, Danny and Wendell stood up to the bullies, turned in the paper, and got an A.

When Danny told his father he’d breathed fire underwater, his dad wanted him to show him, held up a piece of bacon, and told him to think hot thoughts. Danny tried again but only got smoke and a lecture.

The best part of DragonBreath is the illustrations – especially of the potato salad.