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Could you check out some gross, disgusting books for me, too?

That’s how one of my teachers greeted me last week. Turns out Susan Norwood and I had chosen some truly gross books for Susan’s students to read as part of a temporary classroom collection. They were so popular that even her non-readers were reading. This other teacher came to get her own collection. “Send me […]

The Quest of the Warrior Sheep


The Quest of the Warrior Sheep by Christine & Christopher Russell. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, March, 2011. Publisher’s Description: When Sal the sheep is bonked on the head by an unidentified falling object, it can only mean one thing: Lord Aries, the Sheep of all Sheepdom is in trouble, and the sheep posse must save him.  Little […]

Get your TEENS to advocate for you with the Why I Need My Library Video Contest


The Why I Need My Library video contest, launched by American Library Association (ALA) President Roberta Stevens, offers teens ages 13-18 the opportunity to win up to $3,000 for their public or school library. The contest seeks to engage young library advocates and asks them to create short, original videos on why they think libraries […]

How do you handle challenges and censorship in schools?

Several times a year I am contacted by school librarians facing challenges to books and websites in their schools who seek advice. Usually I connect them with the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom, but today I decided to contact ALA OIF Director Barbara Jones to ask specifically what we can do. Diane: Visit my library […]

Book Challenges Made Visible: Scars by Cheryl Rainfield challenged in Tn


Scars has been challenged by a patron at the Boone County Public Library. A book challenge is painful for the author (who invested his or herself in the creation) and the librarian (who purchases each title knowing it will reach a specific reader). You can read author Cheryl Rainfield’s responses here: Scars is a […]

Should ebooks have limits?

LibraryJournal has an article “HarperCollins Puts 26 Loan Cap on Ebook Circulations“. Did you read it? Will this be applicable to their children’s division, too? Should you be concerned? “In the first significant revision to lending terms for ebook circulation, HarperCollins has announced that new titles licensed from library ebook vendors will be able to […]

Where’s your Tipping Point to legislative action?

Below you will find a press release from ALA President Roberta Stevens which urges you to take action. I wonder what will it take for you personally (yes, you reader, I’m talking to you) to be motivated to respond and take action for school libraries. If school librarians will not take the initiative and respond […]

Blogs I love: Charlotte’s Library

I like how the Charlotte’s Library blog has evolved the past four years. Her focus now is on middle grade science fiction and fantasy titles. I find something new every week in her wrap-ups. When students begin to self-identify and call themselves sci-fi readers or fantasy readers, I know that I can take them […]

Patricia Sarles’ list of gay-themed picture books

I appreciate my Comcast internet connection because it connects me to wonderful librarians all over the country like Patricia Sarles. Patricia posted a notice on the ALSC and the ChildLit listervs that she had added titles to her blog. I immediately asked her if I could pass along her information. I hope you’ll visit her […]

Kylie Jean is the queen of our 6th grade girls

KJ Rodeo Queen

Have you seen the Picture Window Books series featuring Kylie Jean? We currently own Kylie Jean Drama Queen, Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen, Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen, and Kylie Jean Hoop Queen. They aren’t processed and checked out through our circulation system yet because I cannot pry them out of the hands of these sixth grade […]