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Kylie Jean is the queen of our 6th grade girls

Have you seen the Picture Window Books series featuring Kylie Jean? We currently own Kylie Jean Drama Queen, Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen, Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen, and Kylie Jean Hoop Queen. They aren’t processed and checked out through our circulation system yet because I cannot pry them out of the hands of these sixth grade girls long enough to slap a barcode on the books.

This is a re-creation of a typical conversation. Fortunately some of the boys were playing with my flip camera and recorded part of it, but NO, I’m NOT going to show the video since it was totally a bad hair day and I have deleted the video.

Girl 1: Here, Ms Chen! Here’s that book Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen I borrowed from you to review. I’m sorry I kept it so long, but my sister wanted to read it too, and then my friend in science class saw it and she needed to read it last weekend. Could you hold it here because Eliana is grabbing her overdue book so she can read it, too, and I told her she’d better hurry because Mariam said she was going to get it first, but Mariam already read Kylie Jean Drama Queen so she should have to wait.

Ms Chen: Wait a minute! I lent you the book so you’d write a review for me and I could share it with blog readers. I still need to hold on to it so I can catalog it after tutoring today and read it myself so I can write about it.

Girl 1: Well, I know you need a review so how about you just tell your readers that girls in fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, and seventh grade will love to read this, but that the eighth graders might want some more romance stuff instead. Umm, and tell them that I really like the cover of the book because it’s pretty and Kylie Jean could be any of us girls with brown hair, and that everyone wants to read it, and that it’s funny, and that it’s quick to read, oh, and tell them that we convinced the computer teacher to let us go to the website during class and we found an event kit there and our reading teacher Ms H says if you want, she will help us have a Kylie Jean party and she has a beauty queen tiara, oh, yes, and tell your readers that my Nana let me make the recipe in the back and it even tasted good, and oh, yeah, I think every library should have every one of these books, and I really need the Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen next and I saw that Lillian had it and she said I could read it (if you say it’s okay) and she put me on her list cause she knows you want lots of people’s opinions about it so she’s got a list and people are borrowing it from her and she knows you won’t mind. Maybe I can have Tiajah come tell you about the one she’s reading – the Hoop Queen one – cause she said she liked it and she won’t let anyone else read it til she reads it a second time.

Ms Chen: Okay, I think I can almost remember what you told me but you should really try to breathe more when you are talking. Maybe I should just give you the stickers to put on the books and somebody can drop by to let me know where they are. You know I like to track how many people are reading these new books I review so I can have accurate numbers.

Girl 1: Ms Chen, you are so silly. You just need to add up all the girls in Ms H and Ms M and Mr W’s class cause we all read this one and then you can just pretend it was checked out and then you’ll know its popular for your numbers.

Girl 2: Hey, Ms Chen, she better be giving you that book back because I got here first and I need to read it. She only let me read it to chapter four on the bus. Is that author Marci Peschke going to write some more books about Kylie Jean because I have some ideas to share with her and maybe then she can share some profit with me, too? My mom said I should just write my own book but I told her all about plagiarism and that I would have to invent my own person or go to jail and my mom said I should ask you how to write to the author to ask her. Do you think Wednesday Morning would make the pictures for me?

Ms Chen: The illustrator is called Tuesday Mourning. I’m sure the author and the publisher would love to hear from you. Did you try their webpage?

Girl 2:Yes but I couldn’t find a link to write to the author and don’t you think every publisher should put that on their kids page because we are really smart and we find the page so they shouldn’t hide their email, right?!

Girl 1: Seriously, Ms Chen, why don’t they just let us talk directly to the author and the illustrator? I couldn’t even find them on facebook. Are you sure they are real people or are they like that Jake Maddox sports dude?

Girl 3: Ms Chen, I brought you some links for your review on Kylie Jean series. I just knew you needed them, so can I go look through the new box of books from Stone Arch that the custodian is bringing up on the elevator? Since I helped you so much, I should get to read first from the new books.

Ms Chen: You know, I’m going to go get another cup of coffee and just let ya’ll run the library for the next ten minutes. Just let me know what I should put on this review. Wait, there’s the bell. Don’t be late for class.

Girl 3: Don’t worry, Ms Chen. My teacher gave me a pass for the next period so I could type up this list for you and look at the new books. Oh, and Mrs. N says she needs more galleys cause people keep taking her books, so I’m going to bring her some good books from your review pile.

Custodian: Ms Chen, I brought you some new books. I’m on break right now if you want me to help you open them up and put them out on the shelf. Do you think you might have some more like those drama books and Bluford High because my daughter and I read those together?

Links for the Kylie Jean series:

  • Jacque wrote a glowing review on her blog Good Family Reads.
  • Shelf Awareness reviews Kylie Jean Drama Queen.
  • Library Bound Stone Arch Books Blog trailer (Hey, Ms Chen, did you know that Stone Arch and Picture Window Books and Capstone are all part of this big Capstone group?)
  • Stone Arch twitter account (Ms Chen, did you know they have a twitter account, but my mom had to help me sort those to find it and she said she loves twitter, but I’m not going there)
  • Mrs. Katz’s Book Blurbs review (Ms Chen, do you get those NetGalley things she talks about because I could help you read those too and you wouldn’t have to carry the book around?)
  • GoodReads
  • One Day at a Time blog
  • This Blonde Reads (Ms Chen, this person pointed out that even though the books have pictures in them, they are longer like real fiction books so I don’t think the company should be Picture Window Books)

Note from Ms Chen: I seriously need some more coffee and flavored creamer to keep up with everyone. In the meantime, I do recommend this series for elementary and middle school libraries. Kylie Jean may be a second grader but her appeal extends far above that age group. She is much more popular than Katie Woo with my middle schoolers. I was worried that anyone that wanted to be a Beauty Queen would be an empty-bubble-head, but Kylie Jean’s fun, spunky, and wholesome. My international parents are pleased with her positivity and the girls love this series. What a great combination! Who needs Junie B.? For our students, Kylie Jean rules.


  1. Hi Diane, we’re so glad to hear that your students are loving Kylie Jean! Girl #2 mentioned not being able to find author Marci Peschke’s contact information, so I thought I would forward. Her website is Illustrator Tuesday Mourning’s website is Both have contact forms on the site. So to answer Girl #1’s question, Marci & Tuesday are indeed real people!

  2. I’m so glad you are enjoying the Kylie Jean books. A long time ago I was a middle school teacher and I love 6th graders. Girl 2: I am sad to say that the author does not choose the illustrator. The publisher chooses. That being said, I am very lucky!!! I love Tuesday Mournings’ Illustrations of Kylie Jean. They are just the way I imagined her looking in my head. I do think you should think up your own character and write a book. Also, I am impressed that you know about plagiarism. Good for you. 6th grade girls rule!!


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