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Patricia Sarles’ list of gay-themed picture books

I appreciate my Comcast internet connection because it connects me to wonderful librarians all over the country like Patricia Sarles. Patricia posted a notice on the ALSC and the ChildLit listervs that she had added titles to her blog. I immediately asked her if I could pass along her information. I hope you’ll visit her blog:

Gay-Themed Picture Books for Children: Picture books for children about the experience of knowing or having a gay parent, family member or friend.

Her description on the blog states: This list serves three purposes: for parents who would like to find books for their children about the experience of being a child in a gay family, or having a gay friend or family member, two: for librarians who would like to develop collections on this topic, and three: for counselors and therapists who would like to use these books in their practices.

Some of the best parts of her blog are the lists on the right of other book lists, parenting resources, and GLBT or GLBT-Friendly Parenting Organizations.

This week some of my students asked me why people censor books. They couldn’t think of a topic that would create any controversy. (Aww, such sweet innocence.) While the classroom teacher and I were brainstorming topics, I mentioned children of  same-sex parents. There was a quiet gasp and I asked my question, “Don’t children with gay parents deserve to read books about other kids like them?” There was a pause and suddenly a bunch of head nodding as these middle schoolers empathized with others – even though many had never met gay couples.

I am always looking for connections to help my students. Please continue to share your blog resources.