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The Quest of the Warrior Sheep

The Quest of the Warrior Sheep by Christine & Christopher Russell. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, March, 2011.

Publisher’s Description: When Sal the sheep is bonked on the head by an unidentified falling object, it can only mean one thing: Lord Aries, the Sheep of all Sheepdom is in trouble, and the sheep posse must save him.  Little do the sheep know that the mysterious object is actually a cell phone dropped by a couple of baaaaad bank robbers who will do anything to get it back. And a couple of woolbags aren’t going to stand in their way! And so the quest of the Warrior Sheep begins. The bravest sheep in the universe are in for a wild ride!

When Blakely and I read The Quest of the Warrior Sheep, we had two different reactions. I laughed and giggled throughout. She kept saying it reminded her of the comic strip Wallace and Gromit and some Shaun the Sheep, and that she kept thinking she’d seen some of the humorous scenes on cartoons before. I had to remind her that she is 19. My students are much younger and this type of humor never grows old. They like being able to guess some of what might happen (think manure dumped on car) and feel so smug when the author satisfies them.

The rapid pacing of The Quest of the Warrior Sheep, snappy dialogue, and outrageously funny British humor made this a hit with my students. I think Links is one of my all-time favorite sheep since he is the only rappin’ sheep I’ve met. Here’s a taste of his work:

“We’s the Eppingham Possee
And for your information
We’s on a mission
To save the sheeply nation.”

I thoroughly enjoyed The Quest of the Warrior Sheep and read it in one sitting. The characters were wholesome with Gran and Tod determined to recover their sheep, a goofy neighbor who insists the sheep were taken by UFO’s, a pair of bumbling crooks, and an evil villain. The action kept moving the story along and this reader was willing to suspend disbelief to simply enjoy this adventure.

I read parts of The Quest of the Warrior Sheep aloud and every time was requested to read more. I cannot wait until you put this title in your hands and meet these awesome Warrior Sheep – Oxo, Links, Jaycey, Wills, and Sal.  There’s good news, too. It looks like this fab Five will be invading the U.S. with their next adventure: The Warrior Sheep Go West.

Do you like to read blogs and meet new people like Canadian Cat with her blog Cat’s Tale Beyond Books? I like Cat’s description of the difference between blogging and reviewing while I agree with her review, too.

Manga Maniac Cafe For the Geek in all of us has a review online.

MotherDaughter Book Club has a review and mentions a point that I pondered while reading:

As the quest continued, I didn’t see how the story could possibly be resolved, but the authors serve up a satisfying ending for all…well, almost. You’ll have to read it to see.

Even the Kirkus Review mentioned Wallace and Gromit. They noted “Young fans of deadpan Brit humor will enjoy this fleecy romp, though it may take some time before they fully understand all of the cultural witticisms.” I think this title will create new fans of deadpan Brit humor.

Everyone is pegging this for the 8-12 year old group. The adults who read it had just as much fun as the students.


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