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Are you a member of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center CCBC-Net

The Cooperative Children’s Book Center CCBC-Net Topics for March have been posted and I’m sending them along below. In case you are not yet a member, you may want to join and participate in the conversation. (Or maybe just eavesdrop).

First Half of Month: Girl Stories: Female Characters in Books for Children and Teens. Back in November 2001 on CCBC-Net, we looked at strong female characters in fantasy novels for older children and teens. But what about other books? Do you cringe at every pink, sparkly princess book before cracking the cover? Are you sometimes pleasantly surprised by what you find inside? Do you find “Twilight’s” Bella too whiny and simpering? What books to do you turn to for strong female role models? During the first part of March on CCBC-Net, we’ll talk about the portrayal of girls and young women in books for children and teens: from stereotype to strong and everything in between.

That should be a fun conversation. Just because a book is sparkly and pink doesn’t mean it’s not kick-ass tough! I love the new Kylie Jean series.

Second Half of Month: Reading Aloud: Titles, Tips and Resources. Among the most common questions we get at the CCBC are suggestions for books to read aloud. It’s been 6-1/2 years since we discussed read-alouds on CCBC-Net, so we’ll spend the second half of March exploring this topic. We not only want your individual book suggestions but also insight into how you approach selecting books to read-aloud, what kind of advice you offer adults looking for books to share, and resources you turn to for additional suggestions and information.

Woo-Hoo! I am really excited about that topic. I cannot wait for everyone’s suggestions. I cannot believe they haven’t discussed read-alouds for 6 1/2 years. Whoa! Shouldn’t that be a yearly conversation? You are always welcome to share read-alouds here on this blog, readers.

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The CCBC-Net archives are available to all CCBC-Net listserv members. Join and you can access the archives, too, and see what you’ve been missing.