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Practically Paradise
Inside Practically Paradise


I love that word! Especially when it’s out of the mouth of a boy who has never checked out a book before. He saw a stack of books from my Follett order that I was busy checking in and the word fell out of his mouth before he remembered where he was. Then he asked me the question that all librarians live for:

May I check this out?

Ahhh! Such sweet words. I would have done anything to have that book ready for him. Fortunately, I had arrived at school 2 hours early just so I could process the book. Which book was it? The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson.

Then this boy went on to make me even happier saying, “I didn’t know you had any cool books in the library. Are there more like these?”

Yes! I was delirious with joy. I managed to remain calm and nonchalant, saying, “Yes, I think we were able to purchase everything Alane Ferguson has written so you can read the entire series.”

Inside I was doing my happy dance that another non-reader was enticed into my web of reading. Thanks, Alane. And thank you to her publisher for the great cover photo which helped draw in this student.