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Enslow offers free color Nook

For every $1500 of books purchased directly from Enslow Publishers, they will donate one Nook Color™ to your library or school. The value of the order is determined after their standard 25% school and library discount is applied to library bound books, and before shipping and processing charges. Paperbacks are not eligible for discounts, but count toward the minimum. I am attaching the PDF files for you to learn more. 

Nook offer details
2011 Nook Offer form

I called to ask Mark Enslow about this offer. While we librarians stay tuned to see what’s happening with e-books to come from Enslow, they are encouraging us to get our own e-reader and play. I saw their new catalog is available as an e-book, also. I am excited about this offer because I see publishers supporting libraries as we transform ourselves to meet the needs of our users. (ALA 2015 Strategic Plan goal) PLUS, I WANT MY OWN EREADER! I keep visiting the stores trying to decide which to buy first and which to put in my library for circulation.

I am involved in an intense study of e-books right now and playing with trials from many different publishers while I try to sort in my own mind how I want to support ebook reading in a middle school. Students are bringing in their e-readers to share with me. It’s common to hear a student telling another that she had read an author’s title on her kindle and wanted to check out the other books our library had by that author. 

Students are reading works over each other’s shoulders on Kindles, Sony e-readers, and Nooks.  I find pairs huddled reading together. While teaching in one classroom, I demonstrated how I obtain galley’s from NetGalley. The girls perked up when I showed them the Harlequin Teen Paranormal Romances I was reading. 

Suddenly, the boys realized that I had titles they were interested in and asked if I could download one for them to read with me to review. While they talked about it, I submitted my request, was approved, and downloaded the title. When they looked up, I innocently asked if they wanted to read it then or later. Jaws dropped and they sat straight up in chairs. One of them looked over at one of the girls quietly reading from her Kindle and said, “I’ve got to get me one of them things.” 

Privacy is an important aspect for them. In our discussions, they liked the fact that no one could tell what they were reading. They liked being able to control their own collections. When I mentioned I wanted a Nook so I could read all of my magazines on it in color, they were quivering with excitement. I demonstrated our new Follet eSHELF so they could see the first 30 titles I purchased this month and mentioned that they could access these on the Nook’s web platform. 

I’ll keep playing with my trials and hope you’ll share your experiences as we school librarians experiment with circulation policies, procedures, etc. 

Contact Enslow to learn more about their offer: 

Customer Service From Enslow Publishers, Inc.
Phone: (800) 398-2504
Mail: Enslow Publishers, PO Box 398 Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
Fax: (908) 771-0925
Contact Follett to learn more about their FollettShelf. FollettShelf is a hosted virtual bookshelf that provides a friendly online environment for students and teachers to search, read and manage their Follett eBook collection.
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