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Authors for Japan fundraiser live now

Go to the website and start bidding. It’s live now.

This website and fundraiser is fascinating to watch. Not only have I honed my skills bidding in UK pounds instead of U.S. dollars*, but I’ve discovered some British bloggers and activities worth watching. For example,I have my eyes on 9: Atom prize pack from The Bookette (because I love YA literature and would like that House of Night tote bag. Reading the bio of the donator, I learned that:

The Bookette is Becky, a UK school librarian who is passionate about YA fiction. Since August 2009, she has been reviewing all the YA and Pre-Teen fiction that she reads and the occasional adult title and picture book. She also hosts contests and spotlights her favourite pre-release books. Becky is hosting the British Books Challenge to encourage other bloggers to review books by British authors. You can find out more about the challenge HERE.

I asked Keris Stainton a couple quick questions about the Authors for Japan project and she graciously found time to answer.

Keris, what inspired you?

Keris: I’m afraid I stole the idea from but I did ask them first, honest!

What are your pie-in-the-sky goals? How much do you think you can raise?
Keris: I would love to match Queensland’s total of AUS$20,000, which is around UK£12,000. (Diane’s note: somewhere around $19,200 or  19,267.34 USD, 19,261.02 USD, 19220.38 USD)

Have you heard from authors all over the world?
Keris: I have. We have items on auction from authors in Australia, America, Ireland and of course plenty from the UK. I’m not even sure where other items have come from since I didn’t have time to ask too many questions. I just know that the authors have been incredibly generous in not only offering the items, but in agreeing to send them out directly to the winning bidder.
What has surprised you the most for this project?
Keris: People’s generosity. When I first suggested the auction, I expected to hear from a few authors I chat with on Twitter, I didn’t expect to be inundated with emails, tweets, comments and messages for the next 48 hours. And not just that, but people have offered items worth, in some cases, thousands of pounds and taking a huge amount of time. That’s just the authors – the response from people wanting to bid on items has been incredible too.
Do you have your eye on a particular item to bid?
Keris: I shouldn’t have a favourite, should I? But I do love this illustrated copy of Candy Gourlay’s novel Tall Story and the Susie Day mentorship packages is incredible too

Please check out the amazing items being auctioned in aid of Japan at

*Need help in your bidding? Try some of the pound to dollar converters:

Something I learned from travel overseas. If you go and exchange cash, you receive the up-to-the minute rate. If you use your credit card, the rate can vary so is harder to predict. Usually it seemed my credit cards did a good job getting me the best rate. You can see from my converting 12,000 GBP to USD that each of the calculators varied the rates.

If you go and win any bids, please share with me about your experience.