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Cenicienta La Novela Grafica

Cenicienta La Novela Gráfica (Cinderella). Contada por Beth Bracken. Illustrada por Jeffrey Stewart Timmons. Stone Arch Books, 2010. ISBN: 9781434219008.  S & L price: $16.99

The Spanish teacher at my school is the wonderful, fabulous, talented Courtney Rayburn. She and I were enjoying this Stone Arch version of Cinderella today while her class of Spanish students were in the library checking out and using the website We don’t really have a lab available to support the needs of our Spanish class, so once every two weeks, her students are able to take advantage of BuildaBurrito and StudySpanish.

Most of these students have tested out of taking reading during their 8th grade year so they are assigned to take high school Spanish instead. (If you are wondering about this, so am I. It doesn’t make sense to me to stop teaching reading in 8th grade when they are going to have four years of Reading/English in high school, but remember, I’m not in charge of the world.)

The Spanish teacher and I work together to provide opportunities for her high achieving groups to have access to books and magazines. We want to help them continue to love to read and to learn. Frequently we review bilingual titles and those in only Spanish.

The teacher and I both love the dark illustrations of this version of the fairy tale Cinderella and agreed the illustrations were definitely appropriate for high school and middle school students learning Spanish.  While the story is familiar, there are plenty of words in Spanish that neither of us knew and had to research, too. (Google Translator is my friend.) Her students now groan when she puts comic strips up on the screen in Spanish since the vocabulary is more difficult to read. I love providing her with more material that can help connect links between English and Spanish.

Three of my favorite new phrases are:

“¡Recuerda regresar antes de la medianoche!” – Remember back before midnight
El hada madrina – The fairy godmother
La Malvada Madrastra – The Wicked Stepmother

Other titles in this series include Caperucita Roja: Red Riding Hood, Frijoles Magicos: Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel y Gretel: Hansel and Gretel, La Bella y La Bestia: Beauty and the Beast, and Rumpelstiltskin (same in English and in Spanish).

I believe these are good acquisitions for our Spanish collection and to support the Spanish classroom collections. The words flow well and are not terribly difficult, yet are culturally more responsive with the tone from wealthy and peasant characters. Enjoy.


  1. Diane, thanks for the kind comments. We are glad to hear that your team finds our Graphic Revolve translations fun and instructive because more are on the way!