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Librarians Interrogated, Under Attack

You must read   The Library is Not a Fruit blog by Nora Murphy. Thanks to Julie Walker I was able to read the blog by one of the librarians under attack, who was RIF’d and has to defend her being a teacher-librarian to people who don’t understand that she is a teacher.

Not only are these tight times for finding and keeping library positions, librarians are having to justify whether they are teachers in LA. The news article (below) on the interrogation of librarians in a basement was shared widely on ALA Council listserv.

LA Times Article:  “The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians,0,3002882.column

In these times it is understandable why librarians are clinging to their jobs and not wanting to make waves. Unfortunately, I believe that the principles of Intellectual Freedom are more important and that book banning is wrong. I have been fighting this battle all year with the result that I am being sent to be a sixth grade reading, language arts, and social studies teacher next year at my building and told I will not be the librarian at that building.

You can be sure that I will have much more to say about this in the future. For now, be aware that if you are under attack, you are not alone.


  1. I have talked to other teachers in our building and no one understands why you have been removed as our librarian. I have shared the battle against banning and censorship with you. I cannot understand why an educator would want to prohibit intellectual freedom.

    I have just read a stack of papers from students about the library. Many question why they weren’t allowed to go as frequently as they wished. They just don’t understand why they couldn’t go to the library. I told them that it wasn’t Ms. Chen’s decision.

    Why would anyone want to limit a student’s use of the library? I have not been in our computer lab even once this year. The library was the only place that my kids actually got to use technology, and then their access was cut. Go figure. How does limiting access to the library and to relevant materials promote learning? The cycle of inequality and limited access to information continues– and it hurts the kids who need information the most.