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i so don’t do famous by Barrie Summy

i so don’t do famous by Barrie Summy. Delacorte Press, 2011. ISBN: 9780385737906, $16.99.

When I grow up and become a writer, could I learn how to be snappy and lively like Barrie Summy? Her sentences are short, perky, and reflect the style of her main character Sherry (Sherlock Holmes Baldwin).

Even Barrie Summy’s blog is lively and fun. Be sure to check out The Book Review Club. I appreciate locating compilations of reviews. The June issue included many fiction titles and is a good companion to our Nonfiction Monday sessions.

How could I have missed the first books in this series?

i so don’t do mysteries

i so don’t do spooky

i so don’t do makeup

This series is upbeat, active, and grounded in some good values. I know this series would be acceptable to some of my strictest parents. Written in first person, i so don’t do famous incorporates fun, Hollywood trivia, ghost detectives, tween and teen relationships, and a loving family. Mistakes are made and acknowledged yet life’s difficulties don’t become the end of the world.

This mystery adds the quirk of having Sherry’s mother helping her solve cases – despite the fact that she’s a ghost and has been dead over a year. We learn about a society of ghosts that help each other learn how to adapt – especially crossing threshholds – and even surf the World Wide Web for the Dead.

Does it seem implausible that everything can work out easily and end in happy ever after? Sure, but this reader doesn’t care since the journey was so entertaining along the way. I’m definitely going to locate earlier titles in the series.


  1. Barrie Chevrolet says:

    Thanks for the book recommendation. Been trying to find something good for my daughter!