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“” Patrick Carman How does he do this?


Patrick Carman captured my interest with The Dark Hills Divide (Book 1 in The Land of Elyon series). Knowing he first spun that tale while reading to his two young daughters adds a sweetness to his mystique. How did this adorable and gracious man spin so many diverse tales in such a short time? Patrick […]

i so don’t do famous by Barrie Summy

I so dont do famous_HR[1]

i so don’t do famous by Barrie Summy. Delacorte Press, 2011. ISBN: 9780385737906, $16.99. When I grow up and become a writer, could I learn how to be snappy and lively like Barrie Summy? Her sentences are short, perky, and reflect the style of her main character Sherry (Sherlock Holmes Baldwin). Even Barrie Summy’s blog […]

Prepare yourselves now for the October release of Ashfall


Ashfall by Mike Mullin is an amazing debut novel and seems to have captured the hearts and minds of reviewers. Check the author’s website if you don’t believe me. After being glued to the pages and unable to stop reading, I will predict this is going to be very popular with young adult readers. Fans […]