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The missing review for The Missing Heir

Tracy Barrett’s Sherlock Files #4 The Missing Heir was so quick moving and fun that I could barely tear myself away to take advantage of tax-free shopping for teaching supplies.

Can you imagine my horror to return and find this?

The remains of The Missing Heir strewn all over two rooms  (pictured to the left after we swept it  into a pile). How will I know what happens after page 80?

Who would believe these two sweet 22 week old puppies could so utterly destroy a book?



I am keeping the cover to show my students why book care is so important – NO MATTER HOW OLD WE ARE!  As for the puppies…. something else may go missing soon, too!


  1. Lisa Von Drasek Diane Chen says:

    Just so you know, both dogs are still doing well. Buddy has now gone to Steve’s house since we were training him for Steve. Sarge is still here with us. I am afraid Sarge is training Ken instead of Ken training Sarge.