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Happy Happy Joy Joy! Paradise Re-Found

This past week I have been teaching fifth graders reading, language arts, and social studies, but I’m counting the hours until:

I’m going to be the school librarian at Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet Elementary School!!!

My current principal called me out of faculty training to tell me last Friday and now I’m simply waiting for Human Resources to send a replacement reading/language arts/social studies teacher so I can return to the wonderful paradise of an elementary school library. Since the system lists me as a librarian, I cannot get a substitute yet and am “patiently” biding my time teaching as much as I can until I get the moving orders.

The good part of this experience has been creating a classroom atmosphere that was inviting and made kids want to curl up with a book. I was able to begin reading FRINDLE aloud as we studied nouns, verbs, pronouns, vocabulary, and the concept of students making a difference. I could celebrate my love of words. Students looked forward to reading in the reading corner and I was able to experience that moment when you show them class magazines you buy like “Automobile” and hear their excitement.

I’m particularly excited to be moving to a STEM magnet school with the focus on science, technology and mathematics with an engineering approach. I just cannot wait to meet the first class of students and the teachers there.


  1. Congratulations! (And how funny that the system still had you coded in your old position so you can’t get a sub. Ah, bureaucracy!)

  2. You Rock again! You rise again! Congrats!

  3. Exciting news! Congratulations!!

  4. Yeah! Glad you’ll be posting from the perspective of an elementary librarian soon! I can’t wait…

  5. Lisa Von Drasek Diane Chen says:

    Thank you Terry, Valerie, Amanda, and Kristin! I am so happy to be able to share some of the elementary titles I have stacked beside me. I also have some excellent middle school nonfiction that I will be presenting sessions on for the TASL and the TEMS conferences.