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Library Cards

Middle School spoiled me with their fancy ID machines that printed ID badges to use as library cards. Now that I’m back in elementary I’m doing what thousands of you have done. Printing out barcodes;  attaching them to paper cards, adding in all the information the school needs to see like ZPD’s, Internet Permission status, room #, teacher, AR login names, etc.; cutting them out; laminating them; cutting them out again; and then distributing them.

If only the barcode printouts would have aligned right on the labels! Instead, my team of friends helped me cut out the barcodes, glue them on the photocopied bar code sheets, then continued the process. Ken was our photographer and also the one glueing 500 plus labels.  He had these tiny labels laid out upside down on the table despite the fans, cats, and 8 dogs in the house.

Brian controlled the paper cutter. Jimmy organized and cut out all those tiny barcodes.  Carefully being sure the barcodes fell upside down so Ken could glue and Jimmy could attach.

I informed them that I was the supervisor. LOL! I did a little bit of all of their jobs, but then sorted all the cards into grade level piles, sorted through cut paper to claim the edges for bookmarks, and then cut all the tiny scraps into confetti sized pieces so we would have colorful material for collages. Nothing was wasted and now I have supplies for more projects.

Guess how many hours it took to do this?! I’m still recording information at school on the cards before laminating. One of our problems is that class sizes vary so much from those anticipated at the beginning of the year that six weeks into the school year, some teachers will change schools, grade levels, and classes. Students will be shuffled to balance the loads. So if I record the homeroom and teacher now, it may change next week.

I haven’t determined our mobility rate but at two of the other schools in the district it was over 35%. So I have already printed another 200 cards. One of my friends suggested he bring over his friends who are thinking about becoming teachers so they can experience the behind the scenes experience of teacher prepping. I did mention to them that we’d be cutting out cat and dog shapes next and all three of them groaned!