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Red Pajamas

Typical day. Get up. Shower. Put on my red pajamas and head for school. What? You didn’t do that?!

Weren’t you participating in the Jumpstart’s Read for the Record day?  My school joined in this sixth year of Reading for the Record.

Every class came to the library and the reading specialist and I shared several Llama, Llama, Red Pajamas titles. I was the Mama and she was baby Llama. Our music teacher helped project the story using our Elmo while we read to 100 students at a time. During the last session the music teacher sang the song he’d written “Rock and Read.”

Then we went for the meat of the day and did the first RIF give-away for the year. I was able to tell the students how I grew up in Iowa watching TV commercials for RIF and wishing that I could find their truck to get a book.

We shared about the importance and the wonderfulness of reading a book at bedtime or anytime with someone special at home. Then with the help of our special art and physical education teacher all of us raised the excitement levels as we watched students choose their own book to keep.

The best part was watching students reading and sharing their choices with each other. Or…  maybe the best part was the students asking for more than one title. Or….  maybe it was hearing them celebrate that they were able to choose their own title and no one could tell them they had to read “on their level.”  Or… maybe it was watching their faces when they realized we will give away books at least two more times this year.

No matter which way you look at it, the day was exciting. Tiring. But very exciting.  It made up for the extra driving to various local public library branches to get copies like Llama Llama Holiday Drama.  I also spent 45 minutes in a storage locker looking for my red pajamas.

Now we are excited while we wait for the newest Llama title. Be sure to check the author’s website for more information.


  1. The book in itself is hilarious! I was so inspired that I actually bought red pajamas when I was reading it from