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Tweet! Tweet! and Retweet!

The ALA Washington Office has written a tweet that is to be sent out in anticipation of the Senate ESEA hearing on Tuesday, November 8th. Please spread as widely as possible!!!  In order to create a concentrated Twitter bomb, they are requesting that you send this tweet out on Monday, the 7th, at 11 A.M. Eastern time.

Below is the tweet:

Senate holding #ESEA hearing 11/8 & #SchoolLibraries aren’t included. Why?! Good #schools need good #libraries!

For members who want to send the tweet directly to their senator, there are enough remaining characters to do so. Here is an example of a tweet directed at a Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois.  Please replace with your own Senator (@SenatorXXXXX)

@SenatorKirk Senate holding #ESEA hearing 11/8 & #SchoolLibraries aren’t included. Why?! Good #schools need good #libraries!