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Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie

My sons haven’t had children yet to make me a grandma, still next Sunday I will instantly become one when I say “I Do!” to Kenneth Patrick  Kelly in a simple ceremony in our house with 2 sons, 4 dogs, and 2 cats present. Instantly I have step-status for Julia, Lexie, Colyn, Austin and the two babies on their way thanks for Patti and Catherine. I’m far more excited than Ken and already dreaming of spoiling  them rottenly sweet. I hope I can be a super-cool grandma like Tillie in Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie by Laurie A. Jacobs.

Publisher’s description: Lucky for Sophie and Chloe, Grandma Tillie knows how to royally entertain her grandchildren. To their delight, whenever Grandma Tillie babysits, she seems to disappear, only to be replaced by a parade of lovable characters. There’s Tillie Vanilly with the bright pink hair, star of The Tillie Vanilly Show, who loves to tell jokes and dance the conga; Chef Silly Tillie with the lampshade hat who offers up a dinner of Worm Chili with Glue Gravy; and Madame Frilly Tillie with the sparkly eyeglasses and towel turban, the world’s most creative bath-bubble stylist. Sophie and Chloe wonder who will appear to tuck them into bed: Hiker Hilly Tillie, Explorer Chilly Tillie, or Zoo-lady Gorilly Tillie? To their surprise, it’s the best character of all—just plain Grandma Tillie.

When I unwrapped this title, I was immediately attracted to the illustrations by Anne Jewett. This title begs to be read and shared. It’s irresistible to little girls and provides many opportunities for creative grandparents all over the world to insert their own brand of silliness.

I even like the font and had to go read the CIP data for more info.  This book was typeset in Zephyr and Gypsy Switch. I want those fonts! Anyone know how to get them? I was impressed with the thickness of the cover also. Flashlight Press has published a book to last through many storytimes and snuggling sessions with grandma.

Anne Jewett has inserted a quirky cat in each page who enjoys the girls’ romps as much as we do. For a fun story give this to grandma’s everywhere and watch out for their knitting bags (in my case, crochet bag). You never know when wild personas will emerge.


  1. Hi Diane, Congratulations on your wedding, and thanks so much for the terrific review of our book. Regarding the fonts that you so enjoyed, we bought Zephyr through and Gypsy Switch through Happy holidays!