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Would you be the 25,000th signature on the petition?

A week ago I was feeling frustrated at the ALA Midwinter Meeting. Everywhere I went information was shared about the White House petition for school libraries begun by AASL president Carl Harvey. With nearly 10,000 librarians and vendors at the Meeting signing, we were still short of the 25,000 needed. With 60,000 members of ALA, why wasn’t this accomplished with the first emailing? Where was the support of all types of libraries?

Well, the numbers are slowly rising. We have over 20,000 signatures and need less than 5,000 to reach our goal and put this visibly on the president’s desk. You may have seen the pleas and thought you’d wait or get back to it. Now is the time.You could be the one to push us to that vital number. Or…. you could share the URL with others and be responsible for those numbers shooting up.

The cause is worthy and should be supported by everyone. Even students 13 years and older can sign. Take a moment to do your part in gathering signatures. Reach out to 5 people first thing Monday morning and help them sign the petition. Ask your teachers, administration, PTO, and community to join with you.

I made my pleas on facebook for my birthday this past week and was surprised how willing my friends and family were to support school libraries. Make the ask! I also messaged quite a few of my friends individually and asked them to sign. Within moments they returned with the message “I signed!”  That was the best birthday present because it showed they respected what we do and our passion to our students and our profession.

If you had trouble accessing and getting logged in to sign, don’t give up. Try again. The petition software is “temperamental”. In fact, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d say it was deliberately difficult to discourage signees of ANY petition.  If you cannot sign in on your  first attempt, please log out and log back in. Or, try a different web browser, or as a last resort, try a different computer. I had to use a different email address to make mine work. is the link. Will your name be on the petition?


  1. Rick Puhala says:

    For what it’s worth,
    1) the site states that it must be accessed using IE or Firefox browsers, NOT Chrome, to allow petition activities.
    2) you need to validate your membership request via a link sent to your submitted email before it will activate to allow signing the petition. Once you go back through the email link, it activates the link to sign the petition.
    3) fill out the profile info before signing the petition, otherwise it just lists your name without a location.