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Scholastic’s 100 best children’s books

Scholastic put together a list of the 100 best children’s books (and the top 10 as well). We don’t have to agree, but  the list is interesting: I think the list is too broad, but I’d love your opinion. Would you have split the list?

Two years ago I asked for your picks for the top 100 teen books. It has come to my attention that the posts of the top two never appeared live on this blog. Oops! What happened?  Guess, I will go back and re-post those if I don’t find them on my external hard-drive. I wonder if your picks would change now? I’m sure there would be some changes.

Have you used collection analysis online tools like Bound to Stay Bound’s, Follett’s, Capstone’s, and other’s? I like to look at Opening Day collection lists. Since I feel my current collection of picture and fiction books is terribly neglected, worn out, not-replaced, and just underbudgeted, I appreciate every vendor out there with collection development tools. My BTST rep Janet was on her way to our school today to help me work with the BTST list. Guess I can wait another couple weeks before drawing up a new plan for shaping the collection. Maybe I’ll take the opening day list and see how many of those titles I have to compare.


  1. Denise Dorn says:

    Still awaiting your #1 & 2 Top Teen titles.