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Practically Paradise
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Women’s History to the 31st power

What else would you call 31 posts by KidLit bloggers this month as we celebrate National Women’s History Month? These aren’t stand alone blog posts that add up to 31, but an intentional building of our ferver for the theme that will  multiply our results.

The theme for 2012 is Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment. Below is the schedule of bloggers participating. I haven’t set my blog topic yet as I do not want to duplicate a title to be reviewed this month and because I want to be sure I have let publishers and authors know that I’m seeking the best titles to share. I’ll be posting on the 28th, but making sure to remind you throughout the month.

March 1:  Shelf Employed
March 2:  Jeanette Winter
March 3:  Selina Alko
March 4:  Fourth Musketeer
March 5:  Marty Figley
March 6:  Shana Corey
March 7:  Fuse #8
March 8:  Miss Rumphius Effect
March 9:  March Aronson
March 10:  Trina Robbins
March 11:  Monica Kulling
March 12:  Claire Rudoph Murphy
March 13:  Vicky Alvear
March 14:  Sylvia Carol Branzei-Velasquez
March 15:  Jen Bryant
March 16:  Karen Blumenthal
March 17:  Peaceful Reader
March 18:  Michaela Macoll
March 19:  Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
March 20:  Gina Capaldi
March 21:  Jim Weiss
March 22:  Elizabeth Rusch
March 23:  Margarita Engle
March 24:  Ruth Feldman
March 25:  Andrea Pinkney
March 26:  Shirin Bridges
March 27:  Ann Malaspina
March 28:  Practically Paradise
March 29:  Donna Jo Napoli
March 30:  Twenty by Jenny
March 31:  Nonfiction Detectives