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STEM by Payola Richardson

Ms. Payola Richardson, one of the parents at our school, spoke during our STEM Showcase and shares her remarks with us.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These are the tools needed to prepare our children to compete successfully in the future.  They are the gateway and the key to succeed in life.

The benefits of a STEM education provide improved and accelerated teaching tactics that motivate and inspire students through instruction, observations, and hands-on activities giving them the power to discover and explore.

STEM provides a curricular that fosters investigative skills, assimilation and logical thinking, enhancing mental comprehension and pride in their success and accomplishments.

A STEM education prepares students for the next level of life by introducing them to concepts of higher learning.

Exposing and educating students to technology allows them to incorporate learned skills, enabling them to make more informed decisions about career choices.

STEM teaches them how to train and recognize their brain is a computer – “their greatest asset!”,  teaching them how to file, organize and recall thoughts and lessons at will using this knowledge to compete for higher salaries.

STEM familiarizes students to new gadgets and techno devices being produced now and in the future.

STEM prepares and guides them in recognizing the importance of a thorough education.

It takes a village to raise a child properly.  The teachers, staff and parents of Hattie Cotton are a village.

Thank you for allowing Hattie Cotton to be a part of the experience in preparing your child to make a difference to change and improve the world.  THANK YOU!