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Topics for Women’s History Month

Are you following the KidLit Celebrates Women’s History Month posts? Here are some of the most recent post topics:

March 20 Red Bird Sings: The Story of Zitkala-Sa and Book Giveaway!

March 19 A Q&A with Deborah Kogan Ray: Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute Princess

March 18 Beryl Markham: Feminist Hero? or Heroic Female?

March 17 Joan of Arc: an early feminist

March 16 Before Girls Could Play

March 15 What I Learned from Emily and Georgia

March 14 Women in the Footnotes of History by Sylvia Branzei-Velasquez

March 13 Ancient Queens and Modern “Sluts”

March 12 “Failure Is Impossible”: My Hero Susan B. Anthony

March 11 Margaret Knight, aka “Lady Edison”

March 10 Role Models

March 9 Margaret Chase Smith — Independence of Thought

March 8 Women in Science – Trailblazers Before the 20th Century

March 7 (Un)Celebrated Women of 2012

March 6 A Place at the Campfire

March 5 Emily and Carlo by Marty Rhodes Figley

March 4 Annie Sullivan: Miss Spitfire

March 3 Every-Day Dress-Up

March 2  Writing about Wangari Maathai

March 1 Stopping by Seneca Falls

I continue to be amazed and humbled by the achievements of these women, but also about the ability of these bloggers and authors who make our history so vitally relevant and important. Thank you to everyone who has posted.