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The Dreaded Display Case

Why did I insist they get a locksmith and unlock that large glass display case? Now I have to create innovative displays frequently and I need ideas. I’m struggling with finding a compromise between a fantastic looking glass cage and a working, innovative learning idea center.

While I was searching I started reading other website ideas like:

eHow’s Ideas for Library Display Cases which suggested things like a Local Author or Creature Showcase.

This post on Squidoo had some excellent photographs and links to other blogs with ideas.

This led me to the Creative Library Display blog with posts like this one on I’d rather be travelling the world.   I’d like to try that, but we keep receiving the memo not to hang anything from the ceiling since it sets off the security alarm.  There is an amazing display for Summer love by Anita, with books that I would need an entire crew to help create.

I especially appreciated the page of Display tips from including  3 ways to attract attention:

  1. colour
  2. hologram card or shiny materials like gold, silver, metal, curling ribbons etc.
  3. movement

Marketing the Library Display suggests “With book displays and bulletin boards you an draw attention to new books, special collections, under-circulated titles and services that are offered within the library that often go unnoticed.”

I hadn’t though about marketing the services we provide. I wonder if anyone has done that in a school library. One of my concerns has been when I books in a glass case display, they are less accessible for checkout. Some teachers will ask for books in the display, but seldom to students. They see closed glass shelves meaning “Don’t touch!”

Despite those links, I was still frustrated. I need more visual ideas including photographs. Fortunately, I found Informania and Three For: Awesome Ideas for Library Displays. They included links to Flickr images of displays and Pinterest. Exactly what I needed!

Elaine Pearson writes the blog Library Displays: Creative Ideas to Promote Books from your Library Collection. Her ideas are frequently cross-posted and she has some useful links.

Do you have other sites to share?