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Is Flocabulary the “Schoolhouse Rock” for Today’s Students?

Have you heard anything about Flocabulary? I received an email advertisement that’s subject stated “The “Schoolhouse Rock” for Today’s Students” yet in the advertisement at the bottom it clearly states that it is not affiliated with The Schoolhouse Rock.

I am definitely a child of Schoolhouse Rock. Meet me at the ALA Conference and sing the beginning of any of their tunes, and I’ll chime right in with you. Could there be something as good for this generation? Here’s the advertisement I received:

15,000 Schools Can’t Be Wrong

  • Standards-aligned content for all subjects, K-12
  • Unlimited access for all teachers and all students
  • Any device – at school or at home – 24 hours a day

Learn more or get a quote here:

Over 15,000 schools use Flocabulary to engage students, increase achievement and make learning exciting. Songs, videos and research-based lessons increase retention of key academic content and help teachers connect with their students.

Preview free videos from across the curriculum.

* Flocabulary is not associated with or endorsed by Schoolhouse Rock.

55 Washington Street Ste.#259
Brooklyn, NY 11201

When I visited the website to try out the videos, my first thoughts were that the topics were for older students than elementary. Middle and high school could gain the most here. Schoolhouse rock was for a much younger crowd. These topics were middle school and up. FOr example, the video  Week in Rap May 11th, includes topics as diverse as Guantánamo Bay Trial & Same-Sex Marriage.

I was much more excited about the video on the five elements of a story which included this rephrain. I can see myself using this one next year. How about you?

Plot, Character, Conflict, Theme,
Setting, yes these are the 5 things
That you’re going to be needing
When you’re reading or writing
A short story that’s mad exciting.

I still want to hear your opinion. In case the commenting feature doesn’t work in June on SLJ since we are moving, , we anticate any comments will go on my new domain name blog