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Someday My Printz Will Come
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Voting Time

Well, it’s time to vote for the Pyrite!

So enter your votes — weighted, 1, 2, and 3 — below and have your say. Voting will be open until 1/22, with any runoff and honor book votes on 1/23, and then we’ll post the results on the eve of Midwinter, just in time to be completely and totally surprised by the RealPrintz results.

A note on process: RealPrintz votes are weighted, so we’ll do just like the RealCommittee and vote (using the comments) for three books each.

(Number them 1, 2, 3 for clarity, and consider carefully the order in which you list your picks. Each first place vote is worth 5 points, second place three and first place 1; the to win a title must have 5 of the 9 first place votes — we’ll adjust to 50% + 1 — and at least 5 points more than the second place vote. Honor books are voted separately, so this vote is just for the winner.)

The RealCommittee vote is blind (paper votes handed in to the Chair), but here we can relax a bit. We recommend you vote before you look at any other responses, to maintain that blind vote as much as possible (and avoid the temptation to do math and strategize. That’s what second votes are for, and we will go to a second vote if we don’t get a decisive winner.)

So go! Vote! And may the best book win.

The Pyrite Nomination list, for those who didn’t memorize it already (in no order whatsoever):

The Summer Prince, Alaya Dawn Johnson
September Girls, Bennett Madison
Far Far Away, Tom McNeal
Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell
Rose Under Fire, Elizabeth Wein
Charm & Strange, Stephanie Kuehn
Boxers & Saints, Gene Luen Yang
Boxers, Gene Luen Yang
Saints, Gene Luen Yang
All the Truth That’s in Me, Julie Berry
Midwinterblood, Marcus Sedgwick
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, Matthew Quick
17 & Gone, Nova Ren Suma
Primates, Jim Ottaviani
Pieces, Chris Lynch
Black Helicopters, Blythe Woolston
Sorrow’s Knot, Erin Bow
The Final Descent, Rick Yancey
More Than This, Patrick Ness
Period 8,
Chris Crutcher
Andrew Smith
The Kingdom of Little Wounds,
Susann Cokal
Sandra Neil Wallace
Mortal Fire,
Elizabeth Knox
The Midnight Dress,
Karen Foxlee
What the Heart Knows,
Joyce Sidman
March, Book 1,
John Lewis et al
Rainbow Rowell

The Pyrite Printz, or Pyrite, is the Someday My Printz Will Come mock Printz deliberation, and should not in any way be confused with YALSA’s Michael L. Printz Award, often referred to here as the RealPrintz or Printz. Our predictions, conversations, and speculation about potential RealPrintz contenders and winners reflect only our own best guesses and are not affiliated with YALSA or the RealPrintz committee.

About Karyn Silverman

Karyn Silverman is the High School Librarian and Educational Technology Department Chair at LREI, Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School (say that ten times fast!). Karyn has served on YALSA’s Quick Picks and Best Books committees and was a member of the 2009 Printz committee. She has reviewed for Kirkus and School Library Journal. She has a lot of opinions about almost everything, as long as all the things are books. Said opinions do not reflect the attitudes or opinions of SLJ, LREI, YALSA or any other institutions with which she is affiliated. Find her on Twitter @InfoWitch or e-mail her at karynsilverman at gmail dot com.


  1. 1. Far Far Away
    2. More Than This
    3. Black Helicopters

  2. 1. Winger by Andrew Smith
    2. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
    3. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

  3. 1. Boxers & Saints
    2. The Midnight Dress
    3. Eleanor and Park

  4. Jennifer R. says:

    1. Far Far Away
    2. Eleanor & Park
    3. Boxers & Saints

  5. 1. Midwinterblood, Marcus Sedgwick
    2. The Kingdom of Little Wounds, Susann Cokal
    3. Charm & Strange, Stephanie Kuehn

    (…with the caveat that I’ve not read all the books on the nominations list, and the knowledge that there are some extraordinary books not listed.)

  6. 1. Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell
    2. Far Far Away, Tom McNeal
    3. All the Truth That’s in Me, Julie Berry

  7. 1) Eleanor & Park
    2) Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
    3) Boxers & Saints

  8. 1. Summer Prince
    2. Boxers & Saints
    3. Rose Under Fire

  9. Eric Carpenter says:

    1. Far Far Away
    2. Corner of White
    3. Black Helicopters

  10. 1. Sorrow’s Knot
    2. Rose Under Fire
    3. The Summer Prince

    (Karyn’s post talked me back into Summer Prince support.)

  11. 1. Eleanor and Park
    2. Charm & Strange
    3. Far Far Away

  12. 1. Far Far Away
    2. Midwinterblood
    3. The Summer Prince

  13. 1. Boxers & Saints
    2. Far Far Away
    3. Rose Under Fire

  14. 1. The Midnight Dress
    2. Boxers and Saints
    3. The Kingdom of Little Wounds

  15. 1. Boxers & Saints
    2. The Midnight Dress
    3. Midwinterblood

  16. 1. September Girls
    2. The Midnight Dress
    3. Fangirl

  17. 1. Eleanor & Park
    2. Boxers & Saints
    3. September Girls

  18. 1. Far Far Away
    2. Eleanor and Park
    3. Boxers and Saints (together, not alone)
    4. Midwinterblood

  19. Karyn Silverman says:

    1. The Midnight Dress
    2. September Girls
    3. The Summer Prince

  20. Walter Mayes says:

    1. Winger
    2. Black Helicopters
    3. Eleanor and Park

  21. 1. Eleanor & Park
    2. Black Helicopters
    3. Midwinterblood

  22. 1. Eleanor & Park
    2. Rose Under Fire
    3. Black Helicopters

  23. 1. Eleanor & Park
    2. Midwinterblood

  24. 1. Boxers & Saints
    2. Winger
    3. Midwinterblood

  25. 1. The Kingdom of Little Wounds, Susann Cokal
    2. The Summer Prince, Alaya Dawn Johnson


    3. Rose Under Fire, Elizabeth Wein

    (The runners-up were Eleanor & Park, Midwinterblood, and Black Helicopters.)

  26. 1. Sorrow’s Knot
    2. The Golden Day
    3. The Summer Prince

    (I think my weakness for genre is showing. But I have faith that it will be cancelled out by weaknesses for Serious Literature, in the end. This was HARD. I wish for one more vote, for Fangirl.)

    • Karyn Silverman says:

      There’s always the honor vote! We can go to four for that one, and something will have won and thus be out of the running.

  27. 1. Boxers and Saints
    2. Rose Under Fire
    3. The Golden Day

  28. I can see my preferences won’t be moving anyone, so I’ll go strategic:

    1) Boxer and Saints
    2) Eleanor and Park
    3) 17 & Gone (have to give it a *little* love)

  29. 1. Mortal Fire
    2. Boxers & Saints
    3. Eleanor & Park

  30. 1. Boxers & Saints
    2. Black Helicopters
    3. Fangirl

  31. I’m ready to commit!
    1.September Girls
    2.The Midnight Dress
    3. Charm & Strange

  32. 1. Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell
    2. Rose Under Fire, Elizabeth Wein
    3. The Midnight Dress, Karen Foxlee

  33. Caitlin L. Baker says:

    1) WINGER

    Three books not on this list that I hope will receive love form the Printz Committee:
    !) WISE YOUNG FOOL -Sean Beaudoin
    2) RAPTURE PRACTICE – Aaron Hartzler
    3) SEX & VIOLENCE Carrie Mesrobian

  34. 1 The Summer Prince
    2 Charm & Strange
    3 Boxers and Saints

  35. 1) Winger
    2) Eleanor & park
    3) forgive me Leonard peacock

  36. 1. Eleanor & Park
    2. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
    3. Winger

  37. 1. Boxers & Saints
    2. Black Helicopters
    3. September Girls

  38. 1. Boxers & Saints
    2. Midwinter Blood
    3. Black Helicopters

  39. 1. September Girls
    2. All The Truth That’s In Me
    3. Eleanor & Park

  40. If I did my counting right, Eleanor & Park and Boxers & Saints have *exactly* the same numbers–9 first-place votes, 5 second-place, votes, 4 third-place votes. I smell a run-off.

    • Karyn Silverman says:

      Oh, you did your math so very right. I am hoping that the tie will break again (they’ve been going back and forth for the lead) but everytime it breaks the next vote ties it again…

  41. Karyn Silverman says:

    And… we have a tie! For the details, see the results post — — and argue for your darlings there! I’ll share/tweet/promote the link to the new vote at 6 when the post goes live. I encourage (which is to say, beg) everyone who voted in this round to vote again, because the more consistent the voter pool is the more interesting and accurate our Pyrite process will be!

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