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Someday My Printz Will Come
Inside Someday My Printz Will Come

A moment of reflection

We had a plan for this week’s post, but we’re going to postpone for a day or two and instead add our voices to those remembering and mourning Peter Sieruta.

None of us were lucky enough to know Peter personally, but we knew him in that interweb sense, through his writing and his blog. I’m not really much of a blog reader–I tend to rely on Twitter as a feeder–but Collecting Children’s Books was one of the blogs I bookmarked and returned to again and again. And last year, right as we launched, Peter launched his own Printz blog, Printz Picks, and I very much appreciated the thoughtful commentary there (despite our wildly differing tastes!). One of my goals for this year was to comment more on Printz Picks and get to know Peter better, and I’m very sad that I will never have the chance.

Lots of our friends and colleagues out in the blogosphere have posted wonderful memories and tributes, so please take a look, and take a minute to mourn the passing of a keen mind and critical figure in our little field, a man who was by all accounts as wonderful of a friend as he was a book lover.

In the words of those who knew him better, here are posts from Jules at Seven Impossible Things; Betsy at A Fuse #8 Production; Liz at A Chair, a Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy; Monica at Educating Alice; and the Blue-Hearted Bookworm. Thank you, all, for sharing your thoughts and memories, and thank you, Peter, for your rich contributions. You will be missed.