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Workshop: The Business of Children’s Publishing

Are you near the Center for Children’s Literature at the Hedberg Library, Carthage Library and Information Services, Kenosha, Wisconsin?

If so, you may want to check out their two day workshop, The Business of Children’s Publishing, on October 1 & 2, 2010.

From the website: “This annual event features guest speakers including authors, illustrators, publishers, editors, agents and marketing managers. Attendees can ask questions, get books signed, and talk informally with the speakers. Download the registration form. “(Note for registration: it is a PDF that I’m having trouble opening. Contact information is at the website.)

 from the website: Featured speakers at the 2010 event will include:

  • Wesley Adams, editor, Farrar/Macmillan
  • Ann Bausum, author, National Geographic Children’s
  • Kevin Luthardt, illustrator, Peachtree Press
  • Scottie Bowditch, marketing manager, Penguin Young Readers
  • Quinlan Lee, agent, Adams Literary
  • Isabel Warren-Lynch, art director, Random House
  • Lanora Hurley, Next Chapter Bookshop
  • Anita Eerdmans, Eerdmans Publishing

It looks like a great line-up for anyone interested in Children’s and Young Adult publishing! I’m a bit of a workshop/conference fan, so always like to hear about them even if I cannot go. I love how this is a mix of authors and industry folk. If you attend, let me know and report back here.

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  1. I’m a workshop/conference junkie too. I’m still bummed I can’t make it to KidlitCon this year and have heard great things about ALAN. This one sounds fabulous too. I hope people tweet it so we can get a bit of information online.

  2. Thanks for posting! I have only been to a couple conferences, but I’m hooking. This one looks great but unfortunately I’m about 7 driving hrs away… I am hoping to make it to KitlitCon this year, though.

  3. *hooked!